Our medical device reimbursement consultants guide leading healthcare companies through the most complex dynamic in medical technology commercialization today.

Medical device reimbursement requires day-by-day planning and operational execution equal to a company’s other departmental requirements, such as sales and marketing, accounting/finance, and clinical/regulatory. Our healthcare reimbursement consulting focuses on assisting clients on a daily basis to ensure appropriate coverage and reimbursement for medical devices and related procedures.

Our medtech reimbursement consulting team understands that your company’s concerns – tight financing, inadequate time, too much competition, and quickly changing regulatory requirements and reimbursement landscapes – require your company to rapidly commercialize your technology or miss being ahead of the curve. We believe the most integral part of the commercialization process is appropriate coverage and payment, because without sufficient reimbursement, a medical technology company will not survive. 

Who We Work With

Optimal Healthcare serves a range of executives in our industry, from Health AI Start-Ups, the companies that develop the pharmaceutical and medical technology to the clinics and hospitals that use them. Our clients include firms on the cutting edge of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics; payers; hospital systems; and private equity.

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