The right prescription for growth

With governments experiencing resource constraints, payers consolidating, and technology rapidly expanding, healthcare companies are competing to create the care models of the future in both emerging and developed markets. The opportunities for private industry are vast, but choosing the right market segments, payers, and patients to commercialize your therapeutics, devices, and services has never been more crucial.

Ensure that your science and intellectual property prevail in complex markets with a multidisciplinary approach that blends macro insights, payer and patient intelligence, competitive awareness, and channel strategies.

Who We Work With

Optimal Healthcare serves a range of executives in our industry, from HealthStart-Ups to established medical technology companies and the clinics and hospitals that use them. Our clients include firms on the cutting edge of medical devices, Artificial Intelligence; payers; hospital systems; and private equity.

What We Do

We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry. In this fast-changing field, Optimal Healthcare helps clients navigate new landscapes, get their innovations to market quickly, and discover new opportunities for growth. We help you:

Choose the right markets for growth

We combine analysis and forecasting of macro trends, including government spending power and operating conditions in specific geographies, with evaluations of the segments to target in those geographies to provide a comprehensive view of market opportunity.

Address your market access challenges

We provide a 360-degree assessment of the geographic and market-specific barriers you need to overcome to commercialize your therapeutics, including the regulatory environment, competitive landscape, patient/provider/payer insights, and channel options.

Build your niche in the value-based care evolution

We provide industry benchmarks on the provision of value-added services around core therapeutics/devices and build strategies to help you protect and grow market share in an increasingly competitive, price-constrained environment.

Develop the optimal strategy for inorganic growth

We help you make the right strategic choices in a rapidly consolidating industry by mapping acquisition targets and conducting due diligence, including your targets’ ability to achieve growth and market access goals.

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